Sunday, January 15, 2017

...and so it begins, on road and ice!

Sunday, August 2, 2015, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California USA

'into the unkown is where the magic lies'

Words from the end of 'TransAm' at the Golden Gate Bridge the finishing point of a 3000 mile 14 day self planned solo cycling challenge across the USA, Washington DC to San Francisco.

For Action Medical Research and all of the good things that come out of their work...

.....the end!

The purpose of TransAm 3000 was to raise awareness and funding for Action Medical Research, to continue a long history of support into finding breakthrough medical cures for illnesses and disease that affect babies and young children.

and now the beginning....!

Monday, March 6, 2017 Arctic Highway Oslo, Norway

After a year of riding slighly shorter roads and smaller mountains the time has arrived to take to the road again with another solo cycling challenge, quite different to previous cycling challenges in crossing the USA and solo riding all 21 Stages of the Tour de France, this time heading further north to the much colder climate, remote expanses and  challenging landscape of Norway. 

The aim is to ride 1000 miles in 7 days, crossing the Arctic Circle at latitude 66.5 degress north and, subject to the severity of winter & early spring weather conditions, to ride as far north as possible before handing over to Dr Camila Benouali who will then ski to the North Pole as the second leg of a combined challenge, both of which support of the UK charity Action Medical Research, a team of truly dedicated people behind a cause that touches & benefits so many young lives, like that of Aiden Mitchell, a very courageous little boy!  

Through the kind support of so many people to get this combined challenge onto the road and ice! our
aim is to complete the self planned challenges to raise valuable funding for such a deserving cause, and to share our stories along the way...

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